taylor winden

taylor winden


Retweet rank: 675,081 - approx 89.21 percentile

Bio: Be yourself fearlessly.

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  1.       RT @taywinden: And numbers don't define me

  2.       RT @taywinden: GPA is just a number

  3.       RT @taywinden: And numbers don't define me

  4.       RT @taywinden: GPA is just a number

  5.       RT @taywinden: @Mister_Laurence Sir Lawrence drugged up and recovering...but looking good 😎 http://t.co/qhzdDDifhx

  6.       RT @taywinden: Where can we find a funnel cake? @alinamvalle #dreaming #drooling

  7.       RT @taywinden: Ehh with some regrets #livetweet #mile6 http://t.co/gfZ11l4oxG

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